Other Writing Projects


Layer Cake, Centrum, a limited edition fiction chapbook, July 2014.

Books Edited by Lois Rosen

What Got Me Here by Adele Birnbaum, edited by Lois Rosen, Willamette University Press, 2009.

Goodbye Lovely Land, anthology of ESL student essays compiled and edited by Lois Rosen who developed with accompanying lessons , Oregon State Board of Higher Education, 1980.

Publication in Journals (Partial List)

  • Alimentum: the Literature of Food
  • Before the Sun
  • Callapooya Collage
  • Calyx
  • Chester H. Jones National Poetry Competition Winners
  • Clackamas Literary Review
  • Colorado State Review
  • Conversations Across Borders
  • Crab Creek Review
  • Drash
  • Entre Cantones
  • Fireweed
  • Five Fingers Review
  • Gold Man Review
  • Graffiti Rag
  • Heliotrope          
  • The Homestead Review
  • Hubbub,
  • Jefferson Monthly
  • Jewish Women’s Literary Annual
  • Literary Harvest
  • Many Mountains Moving
  • Northwest Review
  • OPA Website
  • Poetica
  • Raven Chronicles
  • Riven 2
  • Ronde Dance
  • Salem Statesman Journal
  • Salem Weekly
  • Sow’s Ear Poetry Review
  • The Night, and the Rain, and the River
  • Turning Points in Teaching
  • Verseweavers
  • VoiceCatcher
  • Willow Springs
  • Windfall
  • Writers’ Forum
  • Yes Poetry

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